Monday, December 25, 2006

Nu Yar, Nu Me....

Well, basically not really new me, not a new resulotion but new to solution .. yes... i move on to another stage as i want to.. but im n bat of cos... forget all those i-dont-want-list-of-man... ive already close the curtain for 2006 and yet this nu yar brings me a gud not really my word but great happiness, health wealth, love, luck and of course success.. nothing is compare to u god of cos, to be one of the servant... not that tough actually but not many ppl realize it anyway....
mood- very sarcastic, full of ego, purrfectionist and bold
all the wish list dat i ve made this month makes me anxious hurmm... a bit, no expectation please, and i shall live happily ever.... full stop. yup.... i know my journey wont stop here but nothing is forever... just god!!
Love... i do have lots of it and nybody wants it juz let me know.... cos i wont ezily to gv to nybody.... anymore.. full stop. m back to my basic life which is... its better for me not to tell..... himitzhi ... secret.. m ez to gv myself to nybody dat i like... but not nymore.. tho i know there is nothing to lose and bcos of that i dont want more n more things happen... see a spilt second i can turn my self into whatever i want... like m in bed.... ehehe.....
i know its time for me to make a stop... to end whatever i feels need to end from the begining.......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

it is begin today.....

Yes I remember boy
'cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes, I remember boy
the moment I knew
you were the one I could
spend my life with
Even before all the fame
and people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby
Well....welll my dearie dear... i dunno y, once i say it, it happen... gloomy ahaha.... sweet surrender... yes it is... he is like dat... i cant resist him at the moment... its not dangerous, cos... i feel it before... yes it is... its a beautiful journey for both of us... life seems better and much more better everyday.... i want to drink...... uwaaa...... i want to.. forget bout all my sadness not really sadness, its a dissapointment more on that... life here i come, here the sadness go... i will get marry by next yr.. soon... love is evrywhre and happiness is around me, whatver comes in betwin it will regret....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Promiscous .... me?!!!

So far, life is great... never been better... my chest painful a bit... dunno y... suddenlly i make my decision to stop with bat, its coming clearly to me.. the feelings... just end like dat, its a blessed thing... its not ez for me... but now, everythg is soo easy..... m so furios at the moment... really.. well hope my new yr brings a lot of happiness, love and luck.... there is not use for me to said all grandmother stories... cos its alwis the same.... m live in present not the past... not ever yesterday.... forget the past, move to future... wish everythg will be vast, long live happilly ever after.....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Too little Too late...

I wanted you right here with me but
I have no choice you've gotta leave
Because my heart is breakin'
With every word I'm sayin'
I gave up everything I had
On something that just wouldn't last
But I refuse to cry
No tears will fall from these
Ooooh, ooooh
Get out
it's quite sometimes i didnt update my blog... oh my, time is very precious at the moment... somthing wrong with this thing?? .. well, congratz to my sis, well finally she got married bout 2 wiks ago... big occasion... me weding, m fine... but u know.. ppl keep sking when is my time.... by next yr perhaps the songs if for im,... definately..... times up, i want to get marry by next year... but firstly need to get rid of im of course... how... time will know, god will know of course... an... never mention bout his name really in my blog, usually i just mention, him... and using him also to evrybody... my boo ehehe... its juz a fling dear, u r not really my type... but its juz dat m comfortable with u, and everythg dats all.... not dat i want to have a serious relationship cos... definately i'll find somebody older than me, wiser than me for sure, taller, everythg is more than me... of cos...

I'm here right now, can't wait no more no
You were the one who stole my heart
Can't you see the wait is over
I need you to come closer
Please believe is getting stormy
You really got me hot

dat 1 is for him ahaha.... bat.. m head over heels of him but really its over... have to put an end to it... hello... m not that crazy to go on into dis relationship here... ok.. ehehe... he's evrythg after im... im cant get rid of that, with me... dats it, he can find others but not as great as me.. not bluffing but i know i have the result.. not proud proud but i have a heart here... not only for that... i dunno m crazy or what... but m really stuck on him dis time... well... i need focus that into somethg else divert the energy to much better places... such as my financial thingy.. isnt it? ehehehe

work- well.. been super bz of cos, but m fine atleast i have things to do, this is what i want what....

financial - uwaa.... very tight and all the best for future ahead.. make a wish dat nothing will fancy my eyes... the bes thing dat i can do at the moment

love - is all around me, nothing to be worried, nothing to be harm.. what...

happiness - m happy, neutrally happy... n comfortable with it

love, hapinesss & luck with alwis b around me... this joy & feelings actually make me stronger in another way.... thank u god, my sifu and those who teach me how to grow directly & indirectly