Saturday, November 18, 2006

come to me....

as what he told me.... let it be... and yes he'll come to me... i dont think that he did with her... well... i dunno but m satisfied that i really treat him great evrytime he's around and he okay when took his pix now in my phone... eheheh.... i dont want to ask y, i dont want to argue with this issue cos well, i know that he's into me tho not evrything, bout sex? i dunno but he really concern what's happening in me... things happen for a reason....
as long i know how to manage my heart i think its all rite... isnt god?!! he's evrywhre to me now.. looks he will take me to dinner somewhre next week... but its all depend on his schedule.. m fine... now feels settle down a bit...
hope i can get over and sort my things out asap... cos i dont want to spend my time on that soo much, a lot of things will come out soon... a good n great one of course.. i dont want to good things but great things-er... lex luthor!! well i want to do great things as well in my life... in this journey so that my next will be much better ;)....
my lips still sore... ehehe... well.. its not complaining but enjoying... enjoy evrything n desire nothing... no xpectation from nybody... even god.. if m doing it sincerely i know... if i need something return m not sincere... if i want to do i'll do... it happily...
thank u god, its a blessed cos like what he sd to me.. we'll never know what will happen afterwards... nything cub be happening... the best result... dont be contradict... be blessed as usuall....
its a bout happiness, my hapiness, even im didnt treat me like he did... hurm.... we'll see rite god!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Its rainy & cold SUNDAY...........

I'm here when will you make your move?
I see you, I am me, I want cha, why don't cha
Come to me, I can be, what you need, uh baby
I'm standin, been waitin, I'm yearnin, I'm burnin
Come to know me, come and get to know me
Come to show me, that you wanna know me

You know who it is, I'm back in the building
Security strapped, still stackin a million
It's doubt with the stallion, somethin' Italian
Or maybe Puerto Rican, you can catch me in Paris

I'm in it to win it but willin to carry
The game, if you think I'm not look at the carats
I buck clean about in a Phantom
The people go screamin like an opera anthem
I did it before, do it again
I got to blow, gotta to spin
Lies before, cool as the wind
Got hits go back like Juicy Jin, yeah

Shine the best and diamond necklace
My extravagant taste, the style perplexes
They know I'm the ish, they wanna get next
That's why she had to fit cause she wanted to get next

Anywhere I appear, they all stop and stare
Admire your body language speakin loud and clear like
(I want you to come be with me)

She be waitin anticipatin for oh so long
Fantasising wild thoughts of me comin on like
(I'm here when will you make your move)

She diggin my style, my swag, my suede, my swirve
My way with words, the Boys absurd for sure
You can't fall til my aura called
I make miracles like I walk on water

What you want mama order, it's on my tab
I'm so bad with the cash, I dropped the whole bag
Where you at girl

I'm here in love, can't wait no more no
You were the one who stole my heart
Can't you see the way to sober(?)
I need you to come closer
Please believe is getting stormy
You really got me hot

I'm here when will you make your move?
I see you, I am me, I want cha, why don't cha
Come to me, I can be, what you need, uh baby
I'm standin, been waitin, I'm yearnin, I'm burnin
Come to know me, come and get to know me
Come to show me, that you wanna know me

Do it do it do it do it
Do it do it do it do it
Why don't cha come to me
I can be, what you need uh baby
I'm here, you're here, let's make it happen
Do it do it do it do it
Do it do it do it do it
Relax your mind, let's the concepts be free
And I roll with the sounds of BPE
Do it, do it
You know what this is
It's Bad Boy bitch
Press Play!

cold sunday.... and its not new, sad, na.... , lonely? not really, m njoying evrything now... and well basically, m happy.... with everythg dat i have... my pride, my life, GOD specially...
the songs is meant for him, but well, its only a season to come and go, like what he told me... juz let it be... i m, evrythg is heaven when wif him, well, its not beneath it all, i dont know the reality and i dont want to know now, i wont lie here, all my feelings is all in here... i never put ny hope to nybody dat i've wanted nymore... they will come back if they are sincere to have and want me.. afterall i have what they dont have, the purest energy of GOD.. now m sad, its not my problem and its not about me... so pls.. i really dont want to talk to nybody 2nite...
Bind my heart bind my soul, binding method to make my heart wont be i dont-know-where, its neutral, it comes in various, i hope that my journey wont be fall, only god will know whats the end... i do like u, but this is the stop, to make my life be back on the track, dont care bout others, dont care what will happen, i know what to do, i know what i want for now....
im, well... things arent be the same nymore, dont think dat m the person dat u knew, not nymore... m onw my onw now... u wont be able to win my heart again, a bit of sad, cos i have to let u go, i cant keep u ny longer.... its not about u, its about ur heart, i dont want to get involve with it nymore... turn to angry mode suddenlly, dunno y, but m fine i do like feelings.. xcept sad of cos, but well.... i need to go tru to cleanse all of the feeling, magnify it.
Love is evrywhre, happiness is alwis within me... so y shud i be worried of small matters is life, isnt it... .. come what may.... (inusyaha)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

a day to remember a nite that is wonderful...

we cant be together tho it is soo unforgetable....

aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan
aku jatuh cinta

its not wrong but its not ok... it was ages i didnt update my blog... time is very2 precious recently, raya seems great, evrything is great... went smoothly... 2nd day went to spore but didnt buy nythg... soon on dec hurm....

after big event all seems smooth... i wish.. but last nite, yes last nie.... i cant stand he is the person like that, i need to express here cos, he is evry woman wants not women even man wants... uwaaa..... m binding my heart and soul this time.. oh yes i really do... he appreaciate women and he is not mine! arghhh... well, whatver it is, i need to stop this floating feelings... really.. god i dont want to trap like this, he is evrywhre in me now uwaaa.... i have to flush away dis feelin......

crap, well this affair wont be that long... cos m afraid to fall in love again, my love is only for god... and it is crap i cant remember the word that m alwiz said...
m sad deep inside me, cos... m not worried but sad, y i need to go tru dis journey... did ive choose this one, cud be.... but u can alwis solve it rite... another man... and he is married... he cant resist me of cos, nobody can resist me...

shocked with the news, but i dont really feel anythg, yeah cos my heart is not there nymore, my heart is here.... trust yea, trust.... like she sd, well.... a lot of xample in front of my eyes.... even my latest affair... m afraid go further nymore... maybe cos m not find the comparetible yet... yup... i think so....

tall with pleasant look... shit, m in deep shit if i go on with him, but cant resist EACH OTHER!!!!! nobody appreaciate me like he did, ok! at least him, but no, nobody does... and this is what i HATE most, cant make him mine but he did it to me.... GOD, he is really kurosaki ichigo of me.... now i found my ichigo but full stop. i cant continue it cos no other word can describe ....

my next move, just play along the movie... i know what to do if i want him but well i didnt.... for a men like that, i just cant.....

I'm not missing you
Been through just about everything that I could go through
When it comes to relationships
Don't know what I was missing or why I ain't listen
When I told myself that was it
Now here I go, hurt again
Cause of my curiousity
Now that it's over
What else could it be _____

didnt want to go back as illl remember evrythg dat happen.... not looking for love.. ive got all my pleasure noe, but i know love will open for me later....