Monday, May 28, 2007

Its Such A Beautiful...................... LIFE

Well, life goes smoothly as i wish to....according to my wish list.... well. it's happen not dat fast result but m grateful, really.... life seems better, my life around me...... i wish... if the things come true... m one of the happiest human beings in the world, my world whatever it takes.... say good bye already to b and of cos im ... not slowly or recently... but well... unexpectedly... this is for my new guy... m not left im or b for him, but... no point of being with them eventually... with all the status that they are into... m not a thing that u can pass on, m just me which one of the greatest god's creation. i alwis keep my opt open.... if the best things come... of cos nybody will go for it... luckily he not only him, but most of my fwen doesnt has the blog, my blog add. no one knows really knows bout it. being in love... (yeah yeah)... but dont fall in love with catalyst, maybe he is my catalyst, maybe not, god know, only god knows... m tired being like this, since got my transportation, m being more indipendent... which is m grateful for it..... i like him a lot, and now, i dont know how to face it, when u r drunk , not u, me, when m drunk, i can talk whatever i want... with guts ehehe... now i become ashamed a bit with what m doing... last lite, tell him everything almost... enuff... i wont do dat nymore, hopefully, oh really, na... m following the flow, but i still have my decision, i dont want to be 'in dat' position before, a lots of dont want, great... now change it!!
I want to be in love, with some body, i want to be wealthy, healthy, part of it, thank u and thank u. I do believe what the potential inside me with the all god's energy... thank u god, for whatever reasons are, thank u sifu, for all the things happening to me. those reminder which a little bit stubborn, but well... my life is soo beautiful... m choose to be happy, m choose to be in love with anything... but i definately can choose 1 love, to god, my self...... amen.....

Tell me, what you thinking about
When you got me waiting patiently
And usually, I don't have to wait for nobody
But there's something about you
That really got me feeling weak
And I'm trying to find the words to speak

Boy, I got my eyes on you
Tell me what you wanna do
I can picture you in my room
Until the morning
I don't even know your name
Boy, I need to know your name
I'm hoping that you feel the same
Tell me if you want it


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