Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Take It Or Leave It

Well well tiring... thursday... oh really, dats y, m using bold and red. Love this is what m talking about... u've got love but u dont know how to appreciate it... well... at the first place u never can satisfy other in what ever reasons, on what ground...the one that u should concern is you and yourself... o believe me... at the moment m stucked not really stucked but... forgot how the things work and yeah... i shud back to basic ma own terms & regulation...
i am so TIREDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! it is, m happy with what ever i have now... on whatevr reasons but definately at one point i dont care anymore... i just dont care, i can detach whatever feelings dat i've want, i can be whoever i want, i can let go everythg without hesitation, without compromising and blowing like a wind...
work- one more thing... i cant blame anybody, i cant do much for sure
friends - m tired... he is definately right, m tend to be alone or with the group, which is depends.... i dont want to make it difficult for myself specially.
whatever decision i'll make, the impact is on me... isnt it???!!!


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