Monday, June 11, 2007

Its all Ending (?), I better stop pretending....(?)

Love is , Love is... old school songs... back into 80's

Whatever it takes
I will be there
By your side Baby anywhere
When you're lost and alone
I'll bring you home
I will come thru for you
Whatever it takes
Whatever you need
Whatever comes down between you and me
When the road gets rough
You've gotta trust
I will come thru for you
Whatever it takes

back to 80's, now feelin much much better... thank u god, m seeing myself as a - m i like dis?? Na... m stronger in all kind of ways, it is juz tiny winy matters... well after all think m deserve better and maybe he's not sincere enuff for me.... tho it is great love to make but well, we have close the deal... m happy, no regret... with im its all over, betwin us... no hanky panky stuff bcos i want to ended it now. no later.... m happy to live like dis, cos i know its worth to enjoy my current life like dis, key word is happiness, love, healthy & wealthy. Feeling much better, tho its all written in my face before but if he is not meant for me well not meant for me.... basic rules and i wont hurt, but m not going back to my history, with im, or b... end up the same old things..... life, my life is beautiful..... really enjoy what life is,... honto arigato!!!


Anonymous Marisela said...

You write very well.

6:29 PM  

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